Installing via conda

For Python 3.7, 3.8, 3.9, and 3.10, scqubits can be installed via conda by executing

conda install -c conda-forge scqubits

Upgrading to the latest version of scqubits can be done by

conda update -c conda-forge scqubits

Installing via pip

scqubits can be installed using the Python package manager pip (Note: when working inside a conda environment, pip installs can lead to environment inconsistencies and should be avoided.)

pip install scqubits

To upgrade to the latest version of scqubits one can execute

pip install scqubits -U

ARM64 Compatibility

Apple M1 machines with arm64 architecture, scqubits is only compatible with SciPy < 1.7 and Python < 3.9, in addition to the requirements listed below. Alternatively, it is possible to create conda environments with x86 architecture.