Superconducting Qubits in Python

scqubits is an open-source Python library for simulating superconducting qubits.

If you employ scqubits in your research, please support its continued development and maintenance. Use of scqubits in research publications is appropriately acknowledged by citing:

Peter Groszkowski and Jens Koch,
scqubits: a Python package for superconducting qubits,
Quantum 5, 583 (2021).

The package provides convenient ways to obtain energy spectra of common superconducting qubits, to plot their energy levels as a function of external parameters, to calculate matrix elements and predict coherence times etc. scqubits further offers an interface to QuTiP, making it easy to work with composite Hilbert spaces consisting of multiple coupled superconducting qubits and harmonic modes.

scqubits performs numerics utilizing Numpy and Scipy; plotting capabilities rely on Matplotlib.

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